İlan No:137


İkinci El


Beyza Tekin




Fiyatı: 30,00 TL

This volume examines the construction of Turkey`s possible European Union accession in French political discourse. In today`s France, heated debates regarding Turkey`s EU membership are turning into an essential part of European identity formation. Once again, the `Turkish Other` functions as a mirror for defining not only the `European Self`, but also European values. By providing a genuine and multi-disciplinary approach for studying the Otherness attributed to Turkey, this book contributes to our understanding of the Self/Other nexus in International Relations. Within a Critical Discourse Analysis framework, this study explores the socio-historical basis of the construction of Turkey`s Otherness in an attempt to identify the processes through which past memories, representations, images and fantasies regarding Turkey are inserted into the French social imaginary. Focusing on these significations, which are (re)produced and become manifest through language, this book strives to uncover the link between discourse and political action.

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